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  • Lowers stress

  • Lowers anxiety

  • Helps people deal better with emotions

  • Relieves back and any kind of joint pain

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation that comes with pain

Are you suffering from allergies or cold? Get relief from immune system issues by getting acupuncture done by us.


Acupuncture addresses the pressure points across the body and helps alleviate a variety of conditions. Call us at 410-742-7166 to know more about acupuncture.

Let us help you get better from immune system issues

Why should you get acupuncture?

  • Flu

  • Allergies

  • Colds

  • Lung issues

  • Promotes wellness

  • Alleviates systems

  • Relief to patients with Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus

What immune system issues does acupuncture treat?

At Acupuncture Clinic of Salisbury, we help you with pain management, emotional balance and health maintenance. We also help a number of patients with Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus get relief from pain. Our clinic is located in Salisbury, MD. Schedule your appointment today!

Reduce your pain and improve your health

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